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The month of microfinance.

eServGlobal Blog- Month of Microfinance- April

April has been declared the ‘month of microfinance’, according to the global grass roots movement of the same name, or MoMF. The community was started to foster nuanced conversations regarding microfinance, in order to remind those within it of its ‘founding motivation- improving the lives of their clients.’

“We are not here to simply accept what others conclude are the “best practices” or the future of microfinance.  In sum, we are not beholden to anyone’s narrative about microfinance.  Indeed, we affirm our right to offer an alternative narrative.  That narrative begins with our motivations.”

With a library of event resources, internship opportunities, blog posts, video competitions and poetry contests, they hope to engage members more fully by forming a diverse learning community, and to educate and raise awareness for client-centered microfinance.

Appealing to every level of the industry from microfinance enthusiast, to chief executive officers for small, medium or large-scale microfinance institutions, it is surely worth having a look at their latest activity.

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