Mobile money in Nepal

As mobile phone markets worldwide reach a new age of maturity, operators are in search of forward-thinking solutions which exceed their subscribers’ expectations. This approach has been central to the collaboration between eServGlobal and Nepal Telecom, now entering its fifth year. Building on initial requirements for recharge technology, eServGlobal has worked closely with Nepal Telecom to progressively enrich the service offering in line with the demands of their subscriber base.

Like many rapidly growing economies in the emerging world, Nepal is overwhelmingly a prepaid mobile market.  In 2011, 96% of Nepal Telecom customers were prepaid users. The operator was searching for a simple and effective method to encourage postpaid bill payment. Through their mobile money platform, eServGlobal proposed a solution which aimed to convert subscribers from prepaid to postpaid subscription, while simultaneously increasing both customer retention and ARPU.

Previously, Nepal Telecom had been using traditional bill payment counters, incurring high capex and opex and resulting in a small number of actual counters. Customers were forced to travel to the nearest counter, sometimes quite long distances, and queue to pay their postpaid bills.

The new bill payment facility implemented by eServGlobal means that every one of the 15,000 existing recharge point-of-sale agents is now capable of processing postpaid bill payment and person-to-person airtime transfers without the need for any software on their phone. eServGlobal’s solution generated remarkable results from the first months of operation. The dramatic expansion in accessibility for customers has resulted in improved customer satisfaction, high rates of on time bill payments and increased demand for postpaid subscription. eServGlobal’s solution is carrying out over 67,000 transactions per busy hour.

“The results achieved within just a few months have far exceeded our expectations. The expertise and dedication of the eServGlobal team has produced a sophisticated solution which is now a core element of our offering.”
Vishnu Kasaju, Director MSD, Nepal Telecom

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