How can ATMs boost mobile money?

How can ATMs boost mobile money?

Integrating ATMs with a mobile money deployment can help build an end-to-end solution that bridges mobile money services and the traditional financial world.

Mobile money in emerging markets has traditionally been built on the strength of an agent network. ATMs compliment this network, offering benefits that are not viable for agents to achieve alone; 24 hour availability and better cash liquidity, for example. ATMs are secure and robust machines, capable of storing a significant amount of money that an agent might not be able to keep for security reasons. It is also difficult to track in real-time the available cash held by a particular agent, while the amount of money available in an ATM is controlled and monitored.

The benefits brought by ATM integration reinforce the image of mobile money as a reliable and trustworthy service. An efficient, convenient and reliable service also boosts client usage, increasing the success of any given service deployment.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, eServGlobal will be demonstrating an end-to-end mobile money solution integrated with an ATM, offering cash-in and cash out of a mobile wallet,  domestic mobile money transfers and bill payment. Please come to hall 7, stand I61 for a full demonstration of these features.

For additional information on the benefits of ATM integration with mobile money services, please read our White paper.

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