Top takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2017

Top takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2017

With the industry’s main event over for another year, Juniper Research has released a white paper on the most notable takeaways from MWC 2017. On the list, which recognises a new phase of interconnection and integration in emerging technologies, is the nostalgia driven relaunch of Nokia’s revamped 3310 mobile phone. A smarter option for the emerging markets owing to the lower price, durability and robust handset, which also provides basic internet connectivity.

Despite the rapidly rising smartphone market, feature phones remain a vital point of access to financial services for those in developing countries. Interfaces that adapt to traditional handsets are essential to the success of mobile money in these regions. They also support the spread of mobile internet among potentially difficult to reach user bases.

The use of data analytics for business improvement also featured strongly throughout the conference, confirming the importance of capitalising on these tools to offer relevant content and services to customers and subscribers alike.  Netflix CEO spoke of the company’s use of machine learning to improve mobile video to provide users with the most visually appealing content.

For mobile money service providers, access to big data can offer an important tool in stimulating the user base. Through the analysis of service usage, customer habits can be identified in order to build lists of eligible customers for mobile financial services. In using the past to predict the future, machine learning unlocks hidden value in the payments ecosystem, allowing analysts to define detection parameters based on normal behavioural patterns from transaction history, for effective fraud management and credit scoring.

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To read the full paper by Juniper Research, please click here.

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