Software development kits for app integration

Software development kits for app integration

‘‘Hundreds of thousands of app publishers are building millions of apps, with the crucial support of 3rd party mobile SDKs that provide their apps with advanced analytics, engagement, monetization, social and many other capabilities.’’ – Safe SDK, 2016

The trend to outsource software development using SDK’s is a pathway to promote innovation and productivity. This approach has seen strong adoption in the world of mobile financial services.  A SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a set of tools which allow the creation and integration of applications for a platform. The tools enable service providers to independently adapt their service to the specific needs and opportunities of their market.

Service providers know that the success of their offering can depend on integration with third party software. Every market is unique. And there is inherent complexity in integrating an application into a heterogeneous ecosystem, comprising providers and suppliers, systems, telecom protocols, interfaces and operating systems.

Service providers want to offer rich software without compromising operating speed and coverage. A SDK offers a solution for balancing service flexibility with performance.

The market for outsourced services will likely continue its rapid adaption to meet—and in many cases to anticipate—the demands of the customer.” – Deloitte, 2016

Integration with third parties can be difficult. Without the right experience, navigating the needs and protocols of each connection can mean delays in getting the service to market. This is where the use of a SDK is particularly beneficial, as common development tasks can be simplified to enable a greater focus on innovation. Working toward future methodologies and technologies, companies can stay ahead of requirements.

In the mobile financial service ecosystem, a mobile money service provider could leverage a SDK to offer bill payment without having to request integration from their existing platform vendor. This enriches their product offering to the customer without the need for costly and time-consuming change requests.

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