World Digital Economies

World Digital Economies

A recent report by The Fletcher School at Tufts University and Mastercard, surveyed the digital development of 60 countries around the world.

Results show that consumer’s optimism and tolerance for adopting new technologies is higher in countries experiencing leaps in digital capability than in countries with small incremental improvements.

“Patient and engaged consumer behaviour is correlated more with faster rates of digitalisation than with high levels of sophistication. “

This is particularly promising for investors looking to improve the digital economy in certain developing countries.

“In our pursuit of a truly connected world, trust and security are critical to successful digital development.”

In creating the Digital Evolution Index 2017, researchers isolated 4 key drivers that indicate the level of trust around digital evolution. Experience, behaviour, environment and attitude.

Based on 170 indicators surrounding digital technology supply and consumer demand, institutional environment and innovation, the countries were categorised as either Stand out, Stall out, Break out, or Watch out.

Outlining specific recommendations for each category, the report also offers common economic takeaways for boosting the digital economy. Identifying the drivers of digital momentum, building trust to spur growth and investment in mobile internet are just some.

Click here to read the full report.

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