Capturing Financial Inclusion

Capturing Financial Inclusion

Each year, CGAP (the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor), a think tank dedicated to improving access to financial services for the world’s poor, runs a photo competition to highlight the various ways people are using digital finance to improve their lives.

These photos show how they cope with crises, and how technologies are opening new opportunities for reaching excluded groups and remote regions. The photos illustrate the economic lives of poor people and the enormous impact financial services can have in a wide range of social, economic, and developmental contexts.


In 2017 the Grand Prize was awarded to “Honey Collectors” by Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman of Bangladesh. The winning image depicts traditional honey collectors break into a wild beehive in the forests of Sundarbans.

The collection is available online, featuring images across a variety of themes and from diverse geographies.

In the theme, ‘Connecting People and Services’, the winning image (pictured above) from Afriadi Hikmal of Indonesia, shows fishermen using an app on their mobile telephones to locate fish in the Riau Islands of Indonesia. For these men, the fish finder app saves them time and money, making their fishing trips more profitable. Apps are creating new opportunities for poor people to improve their productivity.


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