Mobile penetration: growth continues in emerging markets

Mobile penetration: growth continues in emerging markets

In 2017 the world surpassed 5 billion unique mobile subscribers. This figure will reach almost 6 billion by 2025. Whilst high saturation levels have been achieved across numerous developed countries, mobile penetration continues to grow within emerging markets.

These figures are from the GSMA’s recently released Mobile Economy Report for 2018, addressing industry changes and projections until 2025. Amongst its key findings, the report explores mobile penetration trends and the opportunities this will create within the industry.

According to the report, smartphones are projected to account for 77% of mobile connections by 2025, with an increase of 1.75 billion mobile internet users in the same period. These figures represent an opportunity for telecommunications and fintech providers to capture new and developing markets.

With the increasing adoption and accessibility of smartphones and mobile internet, comes the chance to improve quality of life and access to information and services for regions that were only recently untouched by mobile technologies.

The divide between developing and developed markets in relation to smartphone adoption is diminishing, and with that, the gap in living standards will decrease accordingly. Mobile technologies will be used to increase access to healthcare, financial services, education and many other sectors within the developing world.

Read eServGlobal’s whitepaper on apps for mobile money in emerging markets here.

“As well as contributing to economic growth, mobile technology is increasingly used for disaster preparedness and response, and to help address the challenges of access, cost and quality of service in key industries, including healthcare, agriculture, utilities, education and financial services.” – GSMA The Mobile Economy Report 2018


Feature photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

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